The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

I want to give a book away that will change your life… Jordan Rubin, New York Times bestselling author and one of the most recognized and respected natural health experts to date, has recently launched a new company that I believe will pave the way for health across the nation. Jordan was instrumental in my own health [...]

Last Week Sucked

Last week sucked.  Like, if last week never happened, I would TOTALLY be okay with it.  I won’t go into much detail, but here’s the deal… Last Saturday marked my last day of work at a job I care a lot about and have poured a lot into.  While I was sad to leave, it [...]

How Many Carbs Should You Eat?

It’s no surprise that the mainstream conventional dietary wisdom isn’t working here in America (and increasingly, in other places around the world as my international readers can attest to!).  Heck, I feel like I gain weight just looking at the recommended food pyramid.  Although well-intentioned, the government standards for nutrition have left us fatter than [...]

Balance Your Leptin, Balance Your Weight…

I wanted to write today and offer a great tip for fat loss that will really help with those suffering from leptin resistance. I speak about the role of leptin in depth in my book From Fat Storer to Fat Burner, but suffice it to say for now that leptin is your master fat loss hormone.  [...]

4 Rules of Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance

Hi There! I hear from a lot of folks that weight loss is a lot easier than actually keeping the weight off long term, so I wanted to give you four rules that will actually make both way easier! If you’ve read my story, you know I’ve lost 60 pounds and have been successful at [...]

The Most Important Resolution This Year

Well, it’s 2013.  Uhm…when did that happen??  I may or may not have rung in this new year sound asleep in my bed last night.  Don’t judge me…it’s been a long year!  :) Loser-tendencies aside, I always love this time of year because I love making New Year resolutions!  I love the idea of a [...]

Just Stop It…

I had kind of a frustrating day today.  I apologize in advance as this post will be somewhat of a rant for me, but rest assured if you stick with me here, you will glean some insight!  (Promise)! So I work full-time at a weight loss clinic, part-time at a women’s fitness center, and in [...]

Just Do One Thing…

Today, I had an epiphany, and I want to share it with you… I feel like those of us looking to lose weight get caught up in trying to change a billion things at once.  We decide to eat more vegetables, eat smaller portions, workout 30 minutes longer, get to bed before the sun comes [...]

Lose Weight Quickly

In a perfect world, we’d be able to follow our diets to the T.  We’d always eat the right thing, have willpowers of steel, and be able to control our environments enough to not only reach our weight loss goals…but also to maintain it.  Unfortunately, unless you isolate yourself from society and have some pretty [...]

Should you have a ‘cheat day’?

Many popular diets across the board advocate having one day as a “cheat day” where you can eat as much of whatever you want.  The rules on this day are that there are no rules, so go big or go home!  I’ve been looking into this topic as of late and just wanted to share [...]